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MEMO - Love Your Wild

Embrace your Wild.

Be Raw in your truth.

Love who you find.


Love Your Wild.

When you're on the journey to self discovery and trusting solely in the direction of your heart, you may be surprised to find many treasures. You've been warned.

You're heart speaks to you the truth and with that truth, profound epiphanies can be made. For me it was on my 2018 holiday road trip. Here I found a magical place to stay for one night for a personal retreat, while many found it an odd choice, to me it felt right.

And indeed it was pure magic, igniting every part of my soul. Awakening my raw, wild child. Here there was no time, no agenda and no expectations. Dancing like a child to music playing on a vintage jukebox bringing pure love and joy. Lounging, writing, meditating under the lights stimulating a fresh look on my path. Revealing how deeply, wild and in love my inner self is with myself. How beautiful, How precious, How honest.

The owner's of this Airbnb, Stacey & Stefan designed it magically with light and love. Along with them being wonderful hosts, the space is out of this world! Please let me express how wonderfully amazing experience cause electricity to fully shock you into deep soul awakening and pulsating love and light energies replenishing you.

With a functioning jukebox, record player and even an itunes playlist geared towards a 1920's Juke Joint. The Bock's love of music and history created a place of retreat and awakening. To take you back in time to a place where despite forced darkness upon minorities in history, still they created their light, their retreat, and their peace.

Bock's Juke Joint shares the history of Juke Joints, truths, and blues. Beautifully revealing the truth and darkness to show the light that came from it. Honestly, I cannot wait to go back to recharge, when needed.

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