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MEMO - Fill Your Own Damn Cup

This is a short message: Take care of you first!

You cannot help others without first helping yourself to a heaping serving of self care. Just like when you're on an airplane and they say "if the air bags drop, always put yours on first and then others" Why?

It's simple. If you're passed out, you can't give or aide or help in any situation. Same goes in life if you're burnt out, dragging on and on, on auto pilot you can't be present and give anyone the right attention be spouse, children, relatives, friends, etc.

Here's 8 ways you can you get back on track with Self Care :

1. Meditation

Don't know where to go? Join us at Opal Alchemist's Zen Den for Zen Night In on Fridays at 7pm for meditation and PA Dance Network's SoulStar Detox Yoga

Stay up to date with events and reserve your spot in Eventbrite by following us on Facebook. Click the Zen Den photo to go to our Facebook.

2. Yoga

Don't want to rush to the studio? Keep missing the times? Cost too much? Cut the excuses and listen to your soul. Can you actually commit to yourself like you do to others?

If you don't know where to go and don't want to lug all your stuff to a studio or pay insane prices.

Maria Triano - PA Dance Network Owner leading a blissful SoulStar Yoga Session.

3. Gym

Find a gym that is right for you. I personally enjoy the community of the hidden gem of Strength Honor Fitness in Somerville, NJ.

A place where you can truly go in and get an efficient and good sweat with out all the mirrors and frills. Innovative workouts and strength development along with support in nutrition and challenges to push you to your next achievement.

4. Friends

Reach out to your friends and get some coffee or tea. Watch a movie with your friends. Socialize just be healthy and have genuine fun.

5. Dance

Turn up the music and just flow with it. There is so much therapy in this.

6. Bath

Run a hot bath with Himalayan Salt & Celtic Salt and essential oils ( I use DoTerra). I pick mine by intuition but a good blend is lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree. If I'm feeling extra luxurious I soak some of my salt mixture over night in a un-scented organic body wash to get the benefits of the salt and the luxury of a bubbly bath.

Put some soothing music on and light a candle.

7. Create

Just get some craft supplies and see what you're inspired to make. Typically you will find great joy in just being present in creating art or coloring.

It can be anything from cooking, baking, music, writing, sculpting, drawing, painting, glass work. Do what you're guided to!

8. Lazy Days

Some days you also just need to hit the PAUSE button and just rest. Take a note from our pets, often we'll find them napping or just enjoying our company.

Lately, with the weather I've been in a hibernation rest phase but woo, when I came out of it! You best believe I'm more aware of what my new focuses and priorities are and what I'm fighting to get back to.

As Always, Go with Light and Love and enjoy some personal peace!

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