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MEMO-Cleanse in Peace

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Peace. How do we find our center, our quiet, our zen.

Listen while you read... healing music

Self - Love February

We all struggle to find that moment of clarity, that moment of zen and the moment to listen. As one who has found a home in meditation and yoga practice, I still work on my balance to find my peace and overall well-being. But let me tell you, I still have moments of weakness and struggles, but I am learning to embrace forgiveness for myself.

Basically, we're all in the our own boat. We can choose if we want to continue on our current paths or choose a more steady route. We can choose if we want to poke holes in our boat and let the water come in, while throwing buckets of water over the side to keep us afloat. Or we can choose to acknowledge the holes, cleanse and heal them. Sometimes we don't know we're poking holes in our boats, this is subconscious typically. But sometimes we consciously do it from programming from our past.

Our Journey depends on How we Maintain our Boat

The ways that I have been healing my holes and finding my true path have been through; meditation, yoga, reiki, music, self retreats, my soul tribe and spiritual classes. It sometimes is a rocky path you will encounter hiccups, obstacles and waves of release. This is necessary for bringing in the light and healthy energy.

Just remember everything that we put into our physical bodies is vital to how we feel, think and be. Love thy self!

And of course, if you need to talk either to hear my story or share yours. Reach out to me through Facebook, Instagram or email in the contact section.

This week a new FREE course is available through PA Dance Network for teens but will be beneficial for anyone! So if you are reading this today watch the video and listen to your heart to see if you should tune in.

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