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And the Thunder Rolls

It’s a super full flower blood moon tonight, as the thunder rolls, the air cools and the water begins to dance on the leaves and pavements. The surge of wild honeysuckle and fresh grass whisks by my nose and brushes my white porch curtains to dance in the music of the night. As Mother Nature sings her song with power, I cannot help but notice the gentleness, the hush, the calm within she has invoked.

Often we face some obstacles during full moons but this ones different, this one holds an eclipsed moon. This one challenges us deeper than ever before to look within.

Choose gratitude for how far we’ve come. Choose forgiveness for what we may have failed on. Choose faith to lead us into the new unknown.

Let’s take a moment to Just Be.

Breathe in, Breathe out.

Experience our Present moment.

Now let’s just journal for a moment. Let it all flow, ask our questions. Listen intuitively. Let the answers come to us from our heart space.

It’s time, to listen to our hearts and follow the correct paths. The directions on how to are there we just need to listen without fear. Release our old patterns. Catch the patterns before they take us away again.

Allow the rain to rejuvenate and renew. The lightening to illuminate our paths. The thunder to gently scare our fears away.

This full moon has re-awaken our little blog here at Opal Alchemist and oh, how so fitting. Opal Alchemist is here to provide a healthy you and a healthy home even if we have to sort out some gunk on the way. I hope you stay with me on this journey as so many wonderful things will be blooming.

If you need support or would like to learn more about what Opal Alchemist offers, reach out via Facebook, Instagram or

Please note that now until the end of the month all active service and veterans may schedule a free 15 minute long distance reiki session. In addition, they will receive 50% any sessions purchased during this time frame.

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