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A little about why I'm here

Find love in all the work you do. Inspired by my own personal journey, this blog, services and products will guide you through moments of revelation. 

Perhaps, one of these magical moments of mine may inspire others to take their leap for their journey. 

As a meditation teacher and reiki practitioner deepening my learning constantly. I'm always here to help and if I cannot help you directly I will set you up with many of my Soul Tribe. Reach out for support, it's amazing! 

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Megan McConnell

As an avid soul searcher, life learner, and lover at heart I sought to help bring wellness to as many as I can in as many ways as I can. With my background in Chemistry, I committed to choosing a healthier approach to wellness in my personal life and found it very rewarding.  During my journey of awakening to the truth of self, I became a Certified Meditation Teacher, Reiki Practioner specializing in Long Distance Reiki, and wellness advocate.  

Join me as I continue my journey and awake my old-soul in the joys of self-development and making a more sustainable world in self and home.

Hopefully magic will awake in you from one of the many memos you may read in the blog section or Book a Reiki session for a beautiful alignment of energy. As always feel free to reach out and contact me with any questions or inquiries. 

Love is the ultimate law in life, cherish it, embrace it, live by it. 

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